Monday, November 13, 2006

Suu Kyi 'denied medical visits'

Rangoon (dpa) - United Nations Under Secretary General for Political Affairs Ibrahim Gambari Saturday was allowed a rare visit with imprisoned Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, by a ruling junta under international pressure to swiftly implement political reforms.

Mrs Suu Kyi told him she was in good health but needed more regular medical visits.

Gambari, who arrived in Rangoon Thursday, met with her at the government's Lake View State Guest House.

Suu Kyi, under house arrest for more than 10 of the past 17 years and under house arrest in complete isolation since May, 2003, was released last May for a similar meeting with Gambari.

Gambari's visit has been timed to fall prior to the UN Security Council meeting which will this year for the first time have Myanmar's on the table for debate over its deteriorating political and human rights situation.

Gambari's assessment will prove important to the session.

Besides meeting with Suu Kyi, Gambari also met with the NLD seven- person executive committee Saturday afternoon.

An NLD spokesman said they had explained to Gambari that national reconciliation has to develop through dialogue, which Suu Kyi is willing to start with the ruling military junta.

The NLD has boycotted the military-led National Convention Process, that restarted on October 10, which has the aim of drafting a new constitution for Burma and eventually paving the way fro a general election.

The NLD, which has labelled the process a sham designed to keep the military in power indefinitely, won the 1990 general election but was denied power.

But the government insists it will follow its own Seven Step Road Map, with or without the NLD and Suu Kyi.

Prior to his meeting with the NLD executives, Gambari travelled to Naypyitaw, Burma's new capital situated 300 kilometres north of Rangoon, where he met with the junta's leader Senior General Than Shwe at Naypyitaw.

Gambari reportedly urged the general "to make efforts from every possible point for a more meaningful move to walk the road of dialogue," UN sources said.

The UN envoy is scheduled to travel to Bangkok on Sunday for a two-day stopover.


dream said...

It is very disappointed to think that it has been 16 years since 1990 but still there isn't any progress in Myanmar's democracy.
But once it is democratised, we will need many talents in our nation. Currently, as I know, there aren't many people in Myanmar who know well about economics or governence. Nor do we have many skill professionals in most fields. And on 2004, there are only 24 burmese students who came to US for study with student visas. Last year was better though. I guess the best thing we can do now is to raise people's awareness and attention on Myanmar and prepare ourselves for contribution. You blog is very informational. But I think you can try to be analytical, or write your independent thoughts. People can get information from many sources, but it will be great to read some of your original thoughts. Cheers

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