Monday, September 07, 2009

Special Blood Donation event honouring 2nd anniversary of Saffron Revolution, Singapore, 27 Sep 09 (Sunday)

Dear All
You are proudly invited to join in the special blood donation event honouring the second anniversary of Burma ’s Saffron Revolution.

The purpose is to make a point that we, Burmese in Singapore , remember, value and salute the effort and sacrifices of thousands of courageous monks, nuns and civilians for a noble aim of peaceful change and national reconciliation in Burma .

Together, we shall pay tribute to this venerable sangha movement, which is unprecedented in the history of Burma and Sasana as well, by donating our blood

The program details are as follow:

Date & Time: 27 September 2009, Sunday, 9:30 AM ~ 11:30 AM

Venue: Blood Bank , Singapore General Hospital (SGH), near Outram Park MRT

Transportation: Chartered Buses at Peninsular Plaza, 9:00 AM

Please contact in advance to:

(1) Ko Soe Tun (HP: 9487 4413)

(2) Ko Thiha (HP: 8157 2117)

(3) Ko Kyaw Htin Aung (HP: 9180 2933)

We, the people of Burma, shall always admire how our monks stand up --- with courage, dignity & sanctity --- for us, for peace, justice & freedom in this month of September, two years ago.

Best Regards,
Wunna (on the behalf of the organizers)
Contact: 9227 6490

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