Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I want as a Burmese National - Letter to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi by Naing Moe Aung

Dear Aunty Suu:

First of all, I am very very happy to see that you have attained the freedom from house arrest. I was overjoyed with tears in my eyes when I saw the interactions between you and the people at the front gate of your house. It reminds me of a similar scene that I encountered personally when you were giving a speech at the opening of an NLD office in 1989 where I was in the crowd shouting “Long live to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi!”.

You really do have this wonderful influence over people that we, the Burmese people, are filled with hope, pride, and courage when we see you in action. I believe this is due to your inspirational leadership where integrity, honor, love for truth, justice, and freedom are your hallmarks.

I am glad to hear that you plan to listen to what the people of Burma want before taking your next steps. Here is what I want to say to you as a Burmese national:

1. I really like your message for national reconciliation reaching out to all key stakeholders in Burma (the military, all political parties - including USDP, pro-democracy supporters, ethnic nationalities, etc.). I totally agree with you that we all have to work together for national unity and reconciliation for the betterment of our country and its people.

2. I want you to focus on building the NLD as a strong and capable democratic institution that can survive you. What I mean is that even when you are not there, it will continue to function strongly and renew itself for decades or centuries to come. In my view, institution building is very important. Perhaps, we could look at how democratic parties in matured democracies have achieved that (e.g. Conservative or Labour Party in the UK).

3. I want you to find solutions to address the needs of our ethnic nationalities without Burma fracturing into different states. As we all know, Burma is a small nation between two giants (India and China) that poses both challenges and opportunities. We, therefore, need one united nation with a common vision and destiny. In this united democratic nation, President or Prime Minister or Commander in Chief of Armed Forces can be anyone as long as he/she is a Burmese national. Call me too sentimental, I love the current shape of our country. When we look at our map, it is so beautiful, isn’t it? I think it is the most beautiful map in the world.

4. I want you to work for reintegration of our country to global community. We have been living in isolation for so long since 1962. I genuinely believe that imposing sanctions and boycotts have many negative consequences. Exchange and infusion of new ideas, foreign investments, management and technology expertise, cultural exchange among people, development aids, educational opportunities for our youths at overseas universities, training of civil society groups, members of political parties, civil servants, government & military officials and many others interactions with outside world should be encouraged.

A little about myself is that I am a project management professional (PMP®) currently living in Singapore. I conduct project management training programs for project teams in Multinational Corporations (MNCs), Blue-chip Companies, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Not for Profits and Government Institutions, mainly in Singapore and other countries in the region. I stand ready to provide project management training to NLD youths free of charge if it is the need you see in institution building of the NLD.

I wish you health, happiness, and success in your endeavor.

With warmest regards,

Naing Moe Aung, PMP, M. Eng.
Founder & Director
Level 34, Centennial Tower
3 Temasek Avenue
Singapore 039190

Tel. (Office): (+65) 6549 7413
Fax: (+65) 6491 5522

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P.S .. Already sent this letter to Aunty Suu.


Anonymous said...

very warmth welcome, touching, brilliant & thoughtful letter. Thank you dear.

Anonymous said...

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May Burma said...

So you have come to the right conclusions now. Let hope Daw Su sees the situation clearly so that all Burmese abroad can go back home and work together for our country.

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